Lights on after Power interruption even if the state was saved

Hi, after a bad experience I selected immediately to save automatically the light’s state on all of my Yeelight Smart Bulb. Infact, in the past I encountered a power interruption and the light were switched on after that. After this event, I set them to save the state all was ok also after other power interruptions, until yesterday. My lights were switched on in the middle of the night due to a power interruption. I suppose it happened because the power was get off and immediately returned and again immediately off. I suppose the Yeelights had lost the setting after the first power interruption of about 100milliseconds. Is there any way to avoid this?

Any solution to this issue? It’s rare situation but it’s annoying to have all the lights on in the middle of the night while you are sleeping. :smiley:

Have no idea if time between two power outage is so short.

I don’t know why too. It happened in the middle of the night, and I’ve understand what happened (two short power outage) due to two rapid beeps from my microwave baker that it should emits only one sound every time it is powered on.

Not sure can you tell me with what setting it was working for you. As per Yeelight saving state means light state and not power on or power off state. So check by mistake you might have enabled the setting to switch automatically on along with state setting which might have caused the issue.

Hi, I’ve set my Yeelight bulb to Save light state automatically. In the past after power outage the light remained switched off. This time, they switched on automatically because the two power outage were very near in time. My lights were all switched off when I was going to sleep, so the state saved was OFF. The bulbs loose their state after the first power outage and switched automatically on

Of course I was meaning Turned off as Light 0% not switched on because the latest state was light switched off with the app or Google Home. When I had not activated this one every time there was a power outage the lights were switched on automatically. After I’ve set to save the state automatically they remained switched off. So it’s not normal what happens!

What happened is strange indeed. If you have previously set the bulbs to save automatically their last state, they should have stayed in off state despite the power outage quickly followed by a power recovery.
Something strange also happened to me lately. I was not at home. Suddenly one of my Yeelight bulbs got offline. When I get back home, I noticed it was turned on at full power. It was kinda reset by itself. I think it may have been triggered by a power outage but I’m wondering why the other bulb didn’t get reset too. I can’t figure it out so far. I just added it again to my app. My bulb has been turned on during 2 weeks, thankfully it didn’t damage it.

It happened again this night. I was waked up from my lights turned on. I can hear my microwave baker sound when power outage happens, and I listened two sound, so two power outage before the lights were switched on. If I would be out for a week how many energy would be lost. It’s an hard issue this one. I have to cut off energy every time I trip for a couple of days. Anyway my light were reconnected after power outage

i face this issue as well…I have the option of automatically save light state enabled but still light bulbs turn on after power outage…I have Yeelight light strip and ceiling light as well…but I don’t face issue with these devices…only issue is with Yeelight light bulb…any solution?

I can confirm as Ialso have regular power outages here in my area.

Xiaomi App gave me a glue which stated that the light switch can be toggled twice to turn the light on. However the power outages can also be on/off/on/off/on and all lights are turned on even the state was saved before as ‘off’.

I have installed 1.4.2_0076 and this behavior is new. The old firmware 1.4.2_0068 (?) did not show this behavior. Can I downgrade?


It happened again last night. My wife is furious now. She wants to get rid of all 52! Yeelights now.

Just to make things clear:

  • the state is saved. Power off and then on will keep the state
  • double power off/on will turn the light on (despite state was off)

Any solutions for the double power outages?
Can someone confirms that this is a new feature? If yes, can please someone make a downgrade possible (id: 1675672405)

Help is really appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I am using the MI Bulb and facing the same issue of the bulb get lit up, when the power resumes.

Maybe I’ve undestand but I can’t verify it. Probably it happens when the light is off due to a power interruption and when is switched on again it can’t find the WiFi Connection due the router’s power reset. The last night happened again in a very short amount of time, enough to retain my router on and the light doesn’t switched on automatically. After few seconds it happened again and the router was fallen so the lights were switched on.
I haven’t a PSU to check it. If someone have a PSU, could connect the router on it and verify?

If it still actual
In each device in controls you could found Default state (bottom left in the grid) and it has switch “Auto on upon power resumption”

This is not solved yet! Please consider fixing this issue, as I have also often power outages, if there are multiple in a row, the lights will turn on.

The behavior should be: “if the light was off, then it should stay off, always”!

I can confirm this is still happening with the bulbs, No way to keep the bulb OFF after a short blackout. Usually happens at night during stormy hours, and it’s extremely annoying and disappointing.