Request expired when trying to connect the connected lightbulb


I bought 2 Xiaomi ceiling light a month ago and got them working in 5 minutes in my apartment with no issue. My parents got 2 ceiling lights too from Xiaomi/Yeelight 3 week ago, and they couldn’t get it to work yet.
My dad reset the light countless times, uninstalled/reinstalled the Xiaomi Home app too.

Basically when he tries to connect the light, the 0-100% thing appears and starts running, and eventually when it reaches 100% ( sometimes even before ), it displays an error message :
In French it says " Demande expirée ", so it’s like " Request expired " or " Request timed out ".

At first they had a 5GHz Wifi channel along with their 2.4GHz, so I made them remove it since perhaps it was the cause. But it still doesn’t work. They tried changing the region to French ( it was set on Germany by default I believe ), either way, it didn’t work.

Perhaps it was because of the phone, I have an iPhone 7 and my dad has an iPhone 6, but it doesn’t work for both phones at my parents’.

What could fix it ?

Not sure if there’s much more to say, but if you want any more info, just ask



Please make sure if the lamp connected to router, if yes, try changing DNS of the router to and connect again.


Hum… I think it is connected to the router, I’m not sure though, how can I check that ?
The app asks my dad to connect to the yeelight wifi, and it works, but I think it prompts him for the wifi password another time after the connection failure.

Check DHCP list from administration page of router to see if the bulb connects to the router, and also from where you can change DNS settings.

Thanks, I’ll tell him to do so