My new Mi Desk Lamp yellowed. Defected?

I would like to ask an aesthetic question, not a technical one. I recently bought one of these lamps and noticed that unlike the photos on the various stores and on the Yeelight website, the central part, the bracket (the metal one) has a slightly more yellowish color than the base. Is it normal or my product is defective? I would have expected a pure white as the base instead of a creamy white. Is it due to the different materials used (metal versus plastic)? Or is it wanted? I find that the same color would have made everything more pleasing to the eye. I hope it is wanted because I think I would be very upset if the product was defective and it would be very problematic to send it back to China since I am in Europe.

Thank you in advance to all

To be more explicative in my description, here you any pics

As you can see the central bar and the led bar are more yellow than the base. I’ve seen many pics online where the white color should be the same. It’s really annoying. Is there any way to solve this issue? Maybe I could clean it to make it more white. How can I do it?

No one can help me?

Yes, color of the base and central bar should be the same, I think you can contact your retailer for a replacement.

I was pretty sure about that. In every videos online the lamp has the same color on both. I’ve also asked to a far friend who bought from the same retailer and he told me it seems mine is affected by a discolouring. I bought yet other Yeelight products and they had always an high quality so the issue could be a mistake, it happens, or a stockaging error by retailer. Unfortunately, my retailer was not intentioned to replace my item neither to offer me a partial refund. He offered me some points bonus equivalent about 2$, usable in new order with a maximum usage of 15-20%. I was not asking a total refund, only a new lamp without issue but maybe he doesn’t care his buyer. I’d like to solve this issue in any way.