Mijia Smart LED Desk Lamp with motion detector no more working

The motion detection for switching ON/OFF the lamp is no more working.
Wireless switch is also no more working.
Tested with Aqara and Xiaomi Mi gateways and different motion detectors.
Lamp Firmware 1.3.7_0058
China mainland server

Any help is welcomed.

Could you turn on/off the lamp from application?

Yes i can turn on/off lamp from mi home and yeelight application.
All dimming functions via app for the lamp are working
Manual operation by knob at lamp is also working.

So I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the lamp, could you have a check with Aqara gateway? How about reboot it to see if it works.

Same issue after reboot of Aqara gateway.

I recognized that the maximum number of devices and scenes of the controller gateway has exceeded.
Now i binded the LED Desk lamp to another gateway, reset the motion detection scenes and its working fine again.

Thanks for sharing, good to know it works :+1: