Xiaomi Yeelight Bath Heater


Finally arrived! :slight_smile: Can’t wait to install…

Can any of the Yeelihgt stuff shed some light how this thig should be installed? I’ve had installers take a look at it and they are not sure, the instructions don’t say anything. Connecting air exaust and electricity is easy enough, but how should it be fixed onto the ceiling?

does it need 2 rails on which the heater will be and then also 2 screws which go to the ceiling on each side of the heater?


Guys, I’d really need some help here at least a hint how it should be installed!!! Anyone?

Hi, we are on holiday these days and back on work today. I am not sure if you have right place to install bath heater, I will upload a video to Youtube today and tell you the link of it.

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Please refer to the link:

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OK, managed to install it, not as easily, but it works :slight_smile:


It’s not easy for you to install, but good to know it works for you now. :+1::+1:

And mostly of us use aluminum clasp ceiling in China, installation will be more earlier.

If you have plaster board ceiling, a ceiling transfer convertor is needed.

Should have asked sooner :slight_smile: I had the choice, when redoing my bathroom, to install clasp ceiling or “normal” one, if I had known that Bath heater is easier to install on clasp ceiling I would have done that :slight_smile: Anyway, thanx for the info :slight_smile:

Guys, there is, IMHO, one very important feature missing from Bath Heater software. As you know, it is possible to (from MiHome) turn it on for i.e. 15 minutes only, and it would automatically turn off after specified amount of time.

But, there is NO WAY to do it programatically, that is from event that you assign i.e. to a physical button or other actions. So for example, when I press Aqara button, it starts ventilating for 15 minutes (or any other value set in “delayed start”)

Would it be possibe to add this? This way, there is no way to automate it except using “delay” which is not really reliable.

Hello, you can add a delay time to close bath heater in an event.

I know, and this is exactly what I am trying to AVOID. Because there might be other actions in “scene” and if somebody does something manualy it could mess it up. I.e. it is happening on human sensor action, and it starts and it waits. But then it is triggered again and it messes the scene…

This would be more elegant way…

Every time I open Bath Heater in MiHome app, I have to click on “agree”??? Is this a bug or…?

This is a bug, have fixed it will release very soon.

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If you have some time, yould you care to explain also what do different modes do?

I understand heating and air change, that is simple. But I never fully understood drying. How does it work? Does it turn off automatically?

And the last icon on the 1st row, blowing/hair drying? what does it specifically do?



Drying mode is a mixed mode of heating and air change (air change works 1 min and then heating works 2 mins and so on, I am not sure about precise time), it aims to reduce humidity of the bathroom.

Which icon do you mean?

4th icon from the left on 1st row (last one)

I see, it looks in keeping with plugin in mihome, it means “Fan”.

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Hi, can you upload a copy of the manual for the unit? I having trouble syncing the wall remote to the unit and I can find it on the Xaoimi Home app, this is for Yeelight Staff

Hello, what’s your problem for detail?


I am going to install this bathroom heater within several days.

I found info that the motor is very reliable. However I also found information about hours it works. More than 1500 hours. Is this true or this is the mistake?

Because 1500 hours is about 2 months of constant work. And compared to others, for example, Soler Palau silent 100 cz (which is a basic version) they guarantee more than 30 000 hours of work. I am not talking about professional fans.

Please clarify what is real. Here is the link