Ambylight question. Again

I bought Yeelight Ceiling Light 650 recently. And since than I’m trying to make Ambylight using comfortable.
The main problem is what Ambylight scenes and favourites are accessible only from Yeelight or Mi Home GUI. Any shortcuts or automatisation can’t be made.

In last (04.25.19) Yeelight app version you made few improvements to save in favourites Ambylight state. But it’s very buggy. After first program lunch all states were saved with “random” colour state. Now they are saving only with Red colour state (no matter what colour you choose).
When you save favourites state wight colour for Ambient light with some colour temperature, another programs (like Tasker) imply it for main light.
You can’t find any commands for setting colour or choosing favourite Ambient light state in Mi Home automatisation. Only turning it on or off and brightness.

The same problem meets you with Tasker. All actions for Yeelight app in plugin section of it works only with main light.

Now, my proposition.
As you now you may execute java or python code in Tasker or send intent for Android.

Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Dimmable Wall switch can switch Ambient light colours for long button press. What’s mean what Ambient light of 650 Yeelight lamp may be controlled with some code packet.
If it so hard for you to implement it in original Yeelight app (topic with similar problem are opened for almost a year), could your programmers provide users with some Tasker code or intent to control Ambient light scenes without GUI? I don’t think what it’s too hard for backend programmer to do this. It may be a good temporary solution while you testing it in main app.

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