No turquoise color?



I am using the Lightstrip and I cannot find turquoise color.

Before buying Yeelight I used some cheap LED stripe which had this color but Yeelight doesn’t, how come?

If I set the color picker to the color I want to get, I get a white color:

I want this color:

Any solutions?


It seems to be a bug. I tried a moment ago to change my RGBW Smart Bulb to turquoise by Alexa command and it does works? Did you tried with a Voice Assistant instead of the app? Maybe it’s a bug related to app.


I do not use it with Alexa.

I use the iOS app.


Let’s try with apple homekit so :slight_smile:


I am having the same issue. If I select Turquoise on the colour picker (as illustrated above). I get an orange/yellow hue.

I’ve had lots of issues with the lightstrip lately, and flowing through turquoise to a different colour does not work, it skips turquoise and goes orange/yellow instead.