After Scene, LED Strips isn't using default lightcolor

Hello everybody

Need some input/feedback
My situation

I’m using a Yeelight Strip in my bedroom. Works fine and is linked with Mi Home.

I’m using additionaly an Aqara motion sensor / Mi Hub, which reacts to darkness + motion, so it switch on, when I get up at night. Works fine.

I’m also using sunrise scene at the morning, which switch off after 15 minutes.

My problem is now, that after the sunrise scene, the strip use the red light of sunrise, when the motion sensor reacts to motion and not the default color. I set the default color as favourite in Mi Home.

I don’t have a clue, how to set it up properly. Have the feeling, the If/Then Function is missing an And function, so you could set some states, so it uses for a situation a specific color.

I’m using currently the chinese server.

Thanks and regards