Yeelight working at 20% brightness.

Yeelight working at 20% brightness.
It is mostly defaulting to flow mode or if I choose a colour it is too dim even at 100% brightness.
Tried reset several times.

The color is too dimmer than white color with the same power.

I am not getting white colour after reset procedure.Just dim colour lights are cycling through at 20% brightness and light stops after flashing through the cycle.I am forced to go to scene mode to turn bulb on at reduced capacity.

Bulb is emitting all colours(at reduced brightness) except default white color.Please help me fix it.

what is the point in having this website when there is no followup action or support?

Have you tried a different socket in another part of your house? Could be a power issue.

Yes tried everything.Pure white default lighting is not coming.Only colour light like blue, red, purple is coming at 20% brightness.