Bedside lamp 2 homekit issue

Dear Customer Support,

I am looking for support on my Bedside Lamp 2.

I have just purchased a Bedside Lamp 2 (Model MJCTD02YL, S/N: 19972/00056811, MAC: 7C49EB5A0252, MFG date 2018.12, Homekit code 35602914).

I have been able to set up the device with the Yeelight application on my iphone and ipad.

The device runs the latest firmware.

The applications are the latest.

My iphone and ipad has the latest IOS 12.2.

I cannot set up the Bedside Lamp 2 with homekit.

When I try to pair my device, I can see it on the network (MiBedsideLamp2-0252) but the pairing code is not accepted.

I found a forum entry where code 11122333 was suggested instead, but that fails to work too.

I have tried from both: ipad and iphone, without success.

I have tried to reset the device as well - without success.

Please advise what I shall do.



Something error when setting pairing code for the lamp in factory, please contact your retailer for a replacement or refund.

I also got this problem w bedside 2 , with MFG date 3/2019. Do you have any plan to update firmware or anyway to paire w Apple homekit?

Hello there !

I have exactly the same issue. Other thread in the forum are saying that only the first batch dec 18 / jan 19 is affected but mine is July 19 and I cannot connect

Is that the same issue ?

Please advise.