t can be installed switch with Amazon Dash


I have a method which will allow you to use an Amazon Dash as a light switch. These buttons will not order things when used as a light switch and can be very cheap as they are normally on the deal but will also pay you back the same price you paid for it so it is technically free! (This will work with or without a raspberry pi, read on for more details) anything you don’t understand or have a question, just leave a comment and I will be quick to respond.

Things you will need:

  • the raspberry pi (set up with wifi connection)
  • It can be installed
  • Amazon Dash button (any design will work)

Set up homebridge:
You will first need your raspberry pi setup to the homebridge app as a server so can control the lights, in the future you will not need to do this as it can be installed maybe compatible with homebridge already. Then follow the instructions made by @weiwei they are already good instruction so no point re explaing them.


Set up your dash button:
Make sure that in set up you exit when it comes up with
The screen to select your product

Simply follow the video instructions (NOT made by me)
this should not take long and will be really easy. I would recommend though that you hold your finger down on the dash button and wait for it to flash blue, then connect to the wifi connection it creates and head to this link;
This will save you a lot of time when looking for the MAC address.


Without a raspberry pi;

There is a method for if you have not got a raspberry pi but will take longer to turn on and will be harder to set up. Follow this link,


Hope this has helped everyone. Any problems leave a comment and I will be happy to help!:slight_smile: