YLXD01YL support on European Mi Home (Mijia) servers

When is it planned (if at all) to have product YLXD01YL available on Non-China (ie. European) Mi Home servers?
With support including Bluetooth Gateway for other Mi devices.

Another question is if YLXD01YL gataway has plans to enable control of YeeLight Bluetooth mesh edition lightbulbs:
YLDP10YL, YLDP09YL, etc.?
(Currently listed only YeeLight speaker and AI clock which are not useful for anybody not speaking Chinese.)
Also on Non-China servers.

Also if mesh edition product will be eventually compatible to be bound and control with:

  • Bluetooth remote and
  • YeeLight wall switch YLKG08YL (or YLKG08YL)?


We also hope Mihome will support Non-china server with more product, but mihome is not in our control, we have forwarded the issue to them.

No, it has no such powerful ability to handle such things. YLXD01YL gateway can only transfer data to cloud in single way.

No, they are different protocols.

Thank you @dingyichen.

I’m considering what to get for additional existing luminaries with E27 bulbs or as alternative switches.
I understand Bluetooth Mesh is new and emerging technology but didn’t realize main Gateway requirements are higher.


Good new for you, Yeelight will also make gateway for these mesh devices.

@dingyichen I have a YLXD01YL at home and would be very good to mi home European server support this light.

I’m really loving yeelight products.