Alexa Connection Issue with Yeelight Jiaoyue 480

Alexa can’t Discover my ceiling light. It’s already connected with the yeelight App though.

I’ve already tried to Reset the lamp But it still doesn’t work.

My Mi ID: 1590900515

I would be glad if you could solve this Problem.

Which server do you select? Currently Mainland china doesn’t support Alexa yet.



Which device do you have? Could you show me a link of it?

Of course. Its this one

This is steps of how to link Yeelight to Alexa,

These were the first steps i have done.

So no other solutions? It just doesnt work?

Have you linked xiaomi account with your Alexa successfully? How about sync your devices?

I works now. At the setup in the yeelight App, i chose another lamp and it works now.

Im still thankfull for your help.