Yeeligh bulb outdoor usage

In what temperature range can I use the first and second generation Yeelight bulbs? I am planning to use them outside in my balcony.

Both are 2700K to 6500K.

I think he means the temperature range for electric circuit to work. And maybe also the humidity range. I suppose not more than 55°C or 80% of umidity.

Yes, I meant weather temperature :slight_smile:
(BTW it would be impressive if the bulb was withstanding 6500K) :smile:

Do you have one of these? It should be reported on the box or manual quick reference

I have several V1 and V2 bulb in white and coulour ones but I just could not find this information enywhere. I would like to use them outside and here the temperatures are between -10°C to 40°C during a year.

Here you the infos :slight_smile: Download Yeelight Smart Bulb Manual

Exactly the range you need :smile: 0-85% humidity range and -10°C/40°C of temperature range.