Please add Yeelight downlight to aqara gateway

I’ve bought 50 downlights for my office and now I’ve realized that it can’t work with aqara gateway. It’s written that soon you are going to add it. Please do let us know when we can expect integration.


I can’t even add this light in Yeeligh app. Doesn’t matter US, European or China server

Can I have an answer at least. Should I wait for aqara gateway integration or no? I’m on Chinese server and even see the bulbs but can’t control them.

Which type of downlight do you have?

I can’t even find this downlight in your app. All I know from product description that it works with yeelight gateway and it was promised that xiaomi gateway will be supported soon. I even manage to find and pair it with aqara gateway. But can’t switch it on or off so far.

Currently only these two devices support Yeelight downlight mesh device, not aqara gateway.

We plan to make a new bluetooth mesh gateway very soon.

New Bluetooth mesh gateway will be supported by aqara gateway? I’m not planning to change this gateway so I need to know should I keep this bulbs or change it to another with aqara gateway support.

Sorry, I am not sure about aqara product, maybe you can ask them for help.