Can't reset Meteorite YLDL01YL


I can’t reset the Lamp Meteorite YLDL01YL. I tried to turn on and off five times but I don’t get the “breathing” lights. If I turn on and off the lights too fast, the lamp sometimes does not turn on, it is as if the energy arrived with delay. I made a cable with a switch and connected it directly to a socket, but I did not get any results.

In the way it is, every time I turn on the light, the main changes between warm, cold and neutral white in this order and returns to stay warm. The indirect lights change between blue, red, green and back to blue. When a time passes (I think every half hour) the main light changes (from warm, to cold and to neutral)

Any ideas? I have other 14 Yeelight devices (2 beside lamps II, 2 ceiling lights 600, 4 color bulbs, 4 lightstrips and 2 YLXD01YL 320) and this is the only one with which I have this problem to reset and link.

Thank you.

It seems the lamp is in factory mode, you can get application of quit factory from the link:, please have a try.


I downloaded the app and installed it, created the hotspot and the lamp connects to it. I see it mac addreess. The “fix” button doesn’t work, says set it up manually but “manually fix” does nothing.

Your lamp is in factory mode cause it can connected to the hotspot. Please have a try some times to quit factory, you will see an AP named like 'yeelink-light-***" from phone’s wifi list if it quit factory successfully.