Yeelight color v2 bulb does not retain state after power comes back.

Hi I have got 2 Yeelight color bulbs. Initially it was working fine or I might not have observed this issue. My setup.
Wifi is always working as routers are connected to UPS.
Yeelight power switch is always on.
Current state is yeelight is switched off but power switch is powered on.
With above setup. I am seeing that if power of house goes off and comes back yeelight switches on by itself even if previous state is switched off. Please help me this.

There’s a feature of “Default State”, which you can setup the bulb is on or off from power on.

Thanks for reply. I tried that already but it does not seems to be working. Can you please suggest what should be exactly setup. There are 3 different parameters available in app.
I just want that if I have switched off the bulb from app then it should remain switched off after power outage and if I have switched on the bulb from app then it should switch on by itself after power outage.
Please suggest.

There’s no combo for your case, but you can disable “Auto on upon power resumption”, then the bulb will retain off after power outage. Double turn on with wall switch, the light will be on.