No WiFi connection, setup fail - Please Help.


Just got the Bedside Lamp (Golden base version) a few days back and haven’t been able to setup since, kept on trying and trying and trying, been banging my head on the wall for the pricey lamp now.

Tried different router, no special characters in WiFi name, tried Mi Home, Tried YeeLight apps, tried all the servers, all I can think of and still nothing.

Then I came across this link - Problem installing the WiFi bedside lamp !! Help me !
While now the light got added and could switch it on and off using the app but soon the lamp became unavailable using the ID. If I restart the lamp, it will only work for a few seconds and go offline again. Atleast I know the lamp works of some sorts.

Now, tried to add the lamp using my own id again after a reset, it wouldn’t get added, time out again.

Can anyone please help me, this really shouldn’t be this hard.

My MI ID - 6176335577

Thanks, please help !

Please refer to the topic:

Hi There,

I have already done this. Didn’t help.

I could add using that ID, but still cant add under my own.

Any other help.


Have you update firmware of the lamp to latest version?

Yes. Checked it. It had the latest firmware

Do you know firmware version of the lamp? Please select Mainland China server and have a check again.

Thank you . Connected to mainland China server, the firmware update came through. Its now got added and working. Thank you for your support