[SOLVED] Unable to pair Bedside Lamp

Edit 31/03/2019: Finally after one more night to search how to fix, i found !!!

  1. Logout your account and login with account: lixin@yeelink.net , Password: yeelink1234 from Yeelight application.
  2. Reset and connect device with the account.
  3. Update device firmware once connected from Profile / Settings / Updates menu.
  4. reset your device connect with your account in yeelight app and try again.


One month i bought it and, one month i’m unable to pair.
I tried with my fiber internet access, and with two other mobile operator using wifi access point. Always the same:

  • my wifi are 2,4 GHz
  • i have bluetooth activated
  • I reset the lamp ,
  • I see the lamp in the application
  • i try to pair, it fails “connexion to device timeout”
  • i see the device in my dhcp
    I bought it on AliExpress, i leave in France.
    My MiAccount: 6155148989
    Please fix it !
    Thank you .