Can't connect lightstrip to the Yeelight app.

Recently I bought a Yeelight Lightstrip, my choice went for this product because of the Wifi-option. However, I have some problems with this function.

When I try to connect the strip to the Yeelight app, it loads to 25%, then it waits, then it says it can’t connect and should try again by resetting the strip.

When I try to connect the strip to the Mi-Home app, it slowly goes from 0 to 100%, then it gives an error. At that point the little led-light gives an solid blue light.

After some research I changed the following things to my router:

  • Turned off the 5Ghz option
  • Added and to the DNS
  • Added a WPA2-PSK password with no strange symbols

What else can I do? I’m getting a bit frustrated, because I think it should work very easy. My MI-ID is 6174502125. Living in Denekamp, Netherlands. Trying it with an iPhone 8 with the latest iOS installed, and an Ziggo router.

Hoping for a respond here. Thanks

Which lightstrip did you buy? And what’s your xiaomi account?

I can’t read Chinese, but this is what it says on the box. My account number is 6174502125

Please refer to this topic:

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