Yeelight Ceiling Light YILAI 480 doesn't respond to Yeelight Wall Dimmer

I have Yeelight Ceiling Light YILAI YIXD05YI 480, and it’s working with the Yeelight app via WiFi, and I also have a Yeelight Remote Control paired to it and it works.
I’ve recently bought a Yeelight Bluetooth Wireless Wall Dimmer, and I’ve paired it with the Ceiling Light, when I paired the Dimmer the ceiling light blinked so I know that the Dimmer was able to successfully connect to the Ceiling Light, and the Dimmer is also shown as paired in the Yeelight app.
When I click on the Dimmer, or rotate it, it shows a light on it’s small led that indicates that a command was sent to the Ceiling Light,
But the Ceiling Light doesn’t respond and the light remains the same.
I wasn’t able to turn off/on the Ceiling Light using the Dimmer, or change the brightness/color.

I currently have firmware version 1.3.2_0011 on the Ceiling Light, and Yeelight app shows it’s the latest version.
I currently have the Ceiling Light paired to my US Xiaomi account, and I’ve already tried resetting it and pairing it again to a Chinese Xiaomi account, but there were no firmware updates available for the Ceiling Light.

Does someone know how to make the Yeelight Ceiling Light work with the Yeelight Wall Dimmer work?
Is it related to the Ceiling Light firmware version? How can I update it?

Firmware version of 1.3.2_0011 doesn’t support this Dimmer yet, we have updated firmware, please update to latest version: 1.3.2_0024.

I’m also having the same problem but in my case i cant upgrade firmware at all. Tried all servers, and all the reccomendations i found over the internet. 3 ceiling lamps cannot upgrade.