Yeelight with physical wall switch

I’m wondering if I buy Aqara Gateway, with Wall Switch if its able to control Yeelight Led Bulb (Color) without losing internet connection? For ex. I turn on with app, turn off with switch and again turn on with app. I also have setuped HomeBridge

You mean Yeelight wall switch? You don’t need gateway for that. It works as a bluetooth remote, but only for ceiling lamps, not bulbs (they don’t have bluetooth). You can use Aqara wireless switch to control the bulb - and for that you need the gateway. But then you’d have old physical switch as well (you can remove it as I did)

but there’s no way to replace physical wall switch that goes to electricity? But idk with some standby mode that controls through wifi? Just that sticky wireless switch?

Hmmm, for just the bulb no… They tried to make that with Yeelight switch and screwed majestically. Their switch works only via bluetooth (BLE)… I have removed the standard switches, put the “caps” in their place and Aqara wireless switches nex to those caps…

There is Aqara wall swicth but that is for non-smart lights… (you control switch via Zigbee)

Nice two, but again only for ceiling lamps.

Hi team,
I am looking for wall switch for my yeelights. Currently all my Yeelights are on Singapore server as I control them via google/alexa
If I buy Aqara Gateway and aqara wall switch,I believe I have to set them up on Xiaomi app on China Server?
How will they be able to talk to my Yeelights that are on Singapore server? If i change my yeelights server to china mainland,i loose the functionality of voice control through alexa/google.
My main goal is to have a wall switch for my Yeelights and also be able to control them through alexa/google.
Any suggestions please?

Yeelight has supported Google home with Mainland china server, Alexa will be ready soon.