Desk Lamp LAN control broken


I’m working on scripts to integrate Yeelights in some applications, on the recent firmware versions there seems to be an issue with sending commands to the Mi Desk Lamp. The lamp only takes maybe 1 out of 10 commands, otherwise it closes or refuses the connection.

Any idea about that? My current firmware is 1.3.7_058, users reported the bugs from firmware 1.3.0 on.


Same problem here since 1.3.x I use external systems to control my lights (Domoticz, Homeassistant). I have several Yeelights that works flawless. Also Mi Desk Lamp was working fine with LAN Control On. But since the last firmwares i got “Connection refused”.

Please enable again LAN Control for this Lamp!

Anything else is working fine with Mi Home app or Google Home.

Mi Desk Lamp: China continental server and firmware 1.3.7_058

(If I check LAN Control with the Yeelight App it’s enabled, but it can’t be disabled-enabled the Lamp freeze for several seconds).

We will take a look at the issue.

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@dingyichen any news about this issue?

Any new firmware (current 1.3.7_058)?


I got a new firmware 1.3.9_0061.
I reset the Desklamp and remove it from Domoticz.
I re-add it and now it’s working again with LAN Control.

LAN Control is working for me on my 3 MJTD01YL. It does not work on my MJTD01SYL… There is no option for LAN control in either the Mi Home or Yeelight app. Is this a feature that will be implemented or will I need to open up my lamp to flash the ESP to be able to use it locally?

After upgrading to 2.0.6_0009 lost possibility to enable LAN Control for my MJTD01SYL. On factory’s FW it worked like a charm.
I can see lamp in menu, but toggle doesn’t work. I just can’t use it.
@dingyichen, can you help, please?

Don’t update your FW if everything works, kids :slight_smile:
Got it to work in Home Assistant through Home Kit integration.

Hello, I have the same issue here with two desk lamps 1s. Since the last update the LAN control cannot be turned on anymore.
Will there be an update that fixes the problem?
Or is it possible to downgrade the firmware?

Hello, I have the same issue with desk lamp.
How can i enable lan mode?

Please reintroduce LAN control to our devices again, it is absolutely essential feature.

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Please tell us when it will be possible to turn on the LAN mode in the Desk Lamp 1?

Same problem here (MJTD01SYL). Please re-add LAN control! Thanks.


Yeelight personal, is there someone working there? There are lot of complains, fix this, once and for all!

Lost LAN control in Desk Lamp 1 (MJTD01YL) - I use it in Home Assistant. Is it possible to fix it? It’s critical for me.

Hi all, same problem here, lot of lamps in more than ten flats no longer works, mostly MJTD01SYL version.
Do I have to send back 45 lamps?
I hope not

Please let the lamp be controlled back again.


Everyone report the problem through the yeelight app!
The more people we are, the more likely they will solve the problem.

Do you have any response from @chyhaiyuan?

Please add my ID to white list, I need LAN control

Mi LED Desk Lamp Pro
My ID: 1609246460

Please enable LAN control for my Desk Lamp 1S
My ID: 1626931062

Lost LAN here too… please, reconsider to get enable back