Power cut, now cannot get bulb on line

Following a power cut this morning, I cannot get my yeelight bulb back on line. I have reset it a million times. In desperation I removed it from the app and then tried to add it again. The app finds it, but times out when trying to connect with my home wifi. After one attempt I have to reset the bulb again in order for it to be found. What do I do now?

Make sure if the bulb connected to your router, if yes, try changing DNS of your router to and have a try.

Thank you for your reply. However, I am not a computer technician and I have no idea how to do either of those two things. It was easy enough to set up when I first installed it. I have no intention of earning another degree to fix a problem I did not cause.
As I said, I am trying to reinstall the bulb from the start. It times out when trying to connect with my WiFi. It did not use to do this and I changed nothing. That’s all I know. Please provide a little more information on how to do what you suggest.

Are you able to access administration page of your router? If yes, you would see DNS settings there.