YLDP50YL Bulb cannot be reset (flashing endlessly)

New bulb, i was able to pair the bulb with my wifi router and it worked fine for a few hours.After that it started flashing (changing state from low brightness to high brightness at ~1sec intervals) and would appear offline. If i power cycle the bulb it connects with the router but as soon as i issue any command (on/off, change brightness etc… ) the bulb will start flashing and go offline.The bulb with go offline and start flashing on its own after a few minutes of just being on. If i try to reset it (turn on and off 5 times) it will start flashing and will not reset, if i turn it off/on it will still connect to the wifi router.The youtube video link i provide shows an attempt to reset the bulb.
I have since deleted it from the yeelight app and i cannot re-add it since it will not reset to factory defaults.
It still connects to my wifi, receives a dhcp address and i can ping the bulb but that is all i can do.