FW upgrade should keep previous status

My yeelight bulb was off, after FW upgrade it turned to on. If it upgrade during a trip, the light will be on for several days, that is not good.

Please keep the light status after FW upgrade.

You’re pretty brave to update it when away from home, I wouldn’t risk that :slight_smile:

Actually I didn’t do it, I suspect it performed a auto upgrade.
I have 5 bulbs 3 of them are color the other 2 are white.The color bulbs set up in my room and white set up outside of my room.

I use alexa to set the routine task to turn them off at 8:30 AM, and when I arrive home I call alexa to turn on it.

I went to work after 8:30 and I’m sure that the lights were turned off, but when I arrived home my father told me that all the color bulbs were on, but the white bulbs still off. Then I used app to check, there were new FW available for the white bulbs, so I manual upgraded it. Before I upgraded, the status of white bulbs were off, when it’s done all the bulbs were turned on and the color temperature also changed.

Hmm, is there option to autoupgrade at all??