Yeelight turns on without any active automation


My problem is that everyday at the same time, my Yeelight RGB turns on without anything telling it to so. It happens at 1 am and 10:30 am. I tried restarting the bulb and configuring it again but it keeps happening.

Someone knows what is going on here?

Thank you.

Is there a power outage at that time? Please have a check what’s the lifetime of the bulb.

No, there isn’t. I bought this lamp about a month ago.

Hi, I’ve got exactly the same problem.
I cut down my wifi connection on every day at 10 PM since months. Since I’ve upgraded to the latest firmware version, my bulb is powering on soon after the wifi drops (about 10-15mn after Wifi connection drops). It also reset the color despite the saved configuration.
I cross my fingers to get this issue fixed in the next firmware release otherwhise I’ll need to check how a firmware downgrade is possible.