Another timeout connection problem

I’ve just got a new mi beside lamp. Which I believe it’s the latest version (the gold one)

Soo, I’ve tried a lot of stuff. Here is a list of things I did:

1 - Via Iphone SE / iOS with mi Home app
2 - Via Iphone SE / iOs with Yeelight app
3 - Via Huwaei P20 pro / Android with mi Home app
4 - Via Huwaei P20 pro / Android with Yeelight app
5 - Checked the wifi settings all good 2.4ghz, etc
6 - Using the Iphone as hotspot
7 - Using the P20pro as hotspot
8 - Change the server from Europe to U.S.
9 - Change the server from Europe to Others
10 - Tried the German server

I can see the lamp wifi network (when I do reboot the lamp)

Another thing that I notice when I use the hotspot the lamp and the other mobile connected to the device but it didn’t work.

I wonder if I have to update the firmware or something, if yes how do I do it?
Should I try other servers?
What else would you suggest to fix it?

mi user: 6171909148
Screenshots below:

I was soo excited when it arrived, please help :frowning:

So, just a quick updated I found in another topic something about the users. So I tried the with the password yeelight1234. I could connect (finally) and now I’m updating the firmware.

What should I do next?

I logged out the linix acc, login in with my own account, registered and worked. Even the integration with the google home is fine :slight_smile:

I have the same issue too. This is very frustrating -.-
I tried the Account you mentioned but it does not seem to work anymore.
Where did you found this Account?

Best regards

Found it in another topic in this forum. Try to check reddit as well. Maybe someone has another suggestion. Since I solved this issue my lamp it’s been working quite well.