Homebridge and Firmware update

Ok, this happened last yr but I thought maybe a fix might be coming.

Since I updated firmware on my 10+ bulbs, the whites and colors are way dim when set from Apple Home vs Yeelight. Any way I can roll back to firmware when Apple Home was working or a new firmware to fix this is coming?

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I reported this issue to Yeelight months ago but guess what? No answer. Never.

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bummer :frowning:

@weiwei is it possible to roll back the firmware or update plugin on github? Thanks


Up & Away

@weiwei Is it really this hard to fix??? Or you guys are all working on the native Homekit support and don’t have any time for this? Can the official Homekit support fix this issue?

yeah latest firmware update cause this issue.

@Lon1st Yeelight bulbs not bright enough in homekit here is an update from @weiwei and this is not looking promising :frowning: