Cannot Turn on Scene From Alexa

Hello, happy so far with my new purchase.

  1. US Server
  2. Firmware of all bulbs updated
  3. Latest Alexa and Yeelight iOS apps
  4. Created a scene in Yeelight iOS app
  5. Scene can be turned on from Yeelight iOS app
  6. Lights and Scene is discovered by Alexa iOS app
  7. “Alexa, turn off light 5” - Alexa says “OK” - the light turns off.
  8. “Alexa, set light 3 to green” - Alexa says “OK” - the light turns green.
  9. Created Group in Alexa. “Alexa, set my group to purple” - Alexa says "OK - the lights turn purple.
  10. “Alexa, turn on my scene” - Alexa says “OK” - nothing changes on the lights. THIS IS MY PROBLEM.

Please help.

Thank you in advance.

your information is very interesting and good question. but i am not idea.