Yeelight Ceiling Light - switch day/night mode while off

Is it possible via the API to change the ceiling light to day or night mode without the light switching on?

This command will turn the light on after changing mode, I want to change mode without it turning on.



No, but I’m curious which scenario does it use?

I have Xiaomi motion sensors in 7 rooms, these use the API to turn on the lights very dim (moon mode) if someone wakes up and walks to use the toilet etc.

The next day someone wishes to use the Bluetooth switch, the light comes on moon mode (last mode), I would like to change the light to day mode in the morning without switching the light on. At the moment I have to change the mode and then turn the light off which causes all lights to come on\off each morning.

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Turn the light off?
Do you mean turn the physical switch off and on,which cause the lamp restart?

I have a easy solution
If you have installed mi home app,follow my steps
Assuming you wake up at 6 o’clock in the moring

3.Timer:repeat everyday,turn on 6:00
4.Smart devices:Yeelight Ceiling Light
Turn off night light

Then the light can be changed to day mode in the morning automatically

There is a another way
If you have installed mi home app,follow my steps
Assuming you need the night mode during 0:00-6:00

1.Mi Home
2.Yeelight Ceiling Light
4.Night light: start time 0:00, end time 6:00

I have automation via the API, I do not use the mi home app.

During the evening after sunset motion sensors will turn on the lights in moon mode (if it is dark).
The lights turn off after 300 seconds of no movement in the room.

Now when it is the next day the light is still in moon mode, the only way to programatically change it to day mode is to switch it on and back off again. This causes all lights to flash, we need a way to change the mode without turning the light on.

The problem is because I use the Xiaomi Mijia Yeelight Smart Dimmer. When the user wants to switch the light on they must first press it once to turn on the light and then double press to change it to day mode. Often the moon mode is dim so the light appears to not be working to the user.

I would like an API change so that I can programatically change the lights mode at sunset without turning the lights on so that the wall switch behaves as expected to the user.

Exactly this, any update?

Still a problem for me, it’s a shame as it’s the only problem left with my solution.
Every day a user must turn on the light with a single press which switches on last nights night mode, often it’s very dim so they think the lights not working. They then have to double press the switch while it’s on night mode to switch it to day mode - a lot of hassle to just turn on a light.

We need a way to switch the lights back to to day mode from night mode, currently the only way to do this is to actually turn the lights on and then off which scares the life out of anyone sleeping in or in a darkened room!

Please - can you add a method to change the light to day mode (without turning the light on) so on next activation it is not night mode?