Yeelight Dimmer can't use with Crystal Pendant Lamp


I’ve recently bought the Yeelight Crystal Pendant Lamp and I really like it so far. I also wanted the ability to use it with a dimmer, so I got the Yeelight Dimmer as well.
I was able to pair the dimmer to the lamp and I can see it in the Yeelight app when I go to the lamp and press Remote control and switches. However, the dimmer itself does not seem to affect the lamp.
When I turn the dimmer or press it, the indicator on the dimmer itself lights up, but the lamp does not respond.
Is there anything I’m missing or is there something wrong in my setup?

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Just want to join your question and share my experience:
The Bluetooth remote works fine for me, but the Bluetooth Wall Switch (YLKG08YL) is not working correctly with this lamp.
I can switch the lamp off by shortly pressing the button, I can dim the main light, change the colour temperature of it and I can change the ambient light colour with it, BUT:

  1. I can’t switch it on by shortly pressing the button ( I have to rotate it instead)
  2. I can’t switch between “sun” and “moonlight” modes by pressing the button longer
    I already have YLXD02YL (Yeelight 650) and have no problems to use the Bluetooth Wall Switch with it at all.

Hi banshilippus,

I have the same problem to control the Yeelight Crystal Pendant Lamp with the yeelight Bluetooth dimmer. The dimmer sync with the light but not function at all. not on or off and sure not dimmer the light.

Yeelight Crystal Pendant Lamp Frimware version - 1.3.2_0014
server - singapore
yeelight app ver - 3.2.08

Did it solve with you?