Yeelight bedside lamp2 and ceiling light connection timed out

I currently have 3 Yeelight devices. In room 1 a yeelight ceiling light and a mi bedside lamp 2. In room 2 another ceiling light.

I originally connected both the lights in room 1 no problem, everything works fine.
Bought a subsequent ceiling light for room 2. This is where I was unable to connect to light. After reaching 100 percent it always says connection timed out. I have tried multiple times resetting the light. Connecting directly to the light via WiFi from my phone. Tired an iPhone 7 and a one plus 5. No luck.

This morning both devices in room 1 stopped responding to the apps both yeelight and mi as well as shortcuts and HomeKit. So I deleted them from the apps and tried installing again. Now the bedside lamp is refusing to connect and again saying connection timed out after 100 %same as the light in room 2.
Any ideas?
I am in Thailand. Mi account 6157614507
Thanks for any help