why keep blinking this lamp?

suddenly it dosen’t work power button, reset button. also can’t connect application, can’t find a DHCP. just blinking all days. how can I fix it?

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Hi Bros,

My desk lamp has same issued, it’s blinking continuous all days. Do you have any solution for that?


@truongtandl @chqldtls

Does the lamp version support Homekit? How about reset it?

Same happened to me. Light is blinking. Can not stop it.
Any suggestions?

same problem, i have had my smart LED Desk Lamp for more than a year or even two now and today (out of nowhere) the lamp turned off and when when i diconected and connected the power cable it started blinking fast 16 times then stopping for a second and then blinking again. I’ve tried to reset it but the reset button won’t do anything, the power button doesn’t work either. It’s like i can’t do anything. Also I can’t find any information about this anywhere but here, so strange. Please help us, this lamp is expensive and should not stop working out of nowhere like it did.

I just found out what the problem is when this happens, the problem isn’t in the lamp itself but in the power adaptor. If you listen closely you can hear a repeating sound inside the adaptor when it is connected to the lamp, which means that it is not working properly (it is giving power in a periodic manner and not continuosly, causing the lamp to blink) . If you can get another one or a similar adaptor with the same output port then the lamp will work again. I hope I was clear, thanks.