IFTTT Yeelight service actions


Is there a way to create an applet on IFTTT that is using the Yeelight service so that we can manipulate multiple lights (2/3 bulbs + a wifi bedside lamp) at the same time?

For example I want to open all the lights in the house when sunset starts, but the available applets let me do that only to one light. I’ve managed to create 4 custom applets in order to do this, but I feel that this is one ugly workaround. It would be much easier to have an action to toggle multiple lights.

You can do this by making a scene in the yeelight application.
Keep in mind; you cannot sent variables to a scene. Like set them all at 10 percent or 50 % brightness.

If you want to use variables it becomes a bit more tricky…
You can call Stringify from IFTT, this enables you to call multiple IFTT triggers that contain the brightness level of each light seperately …