Default state / Scheduling - I want lights to be dimmer in the evening

Hi everyone

In the evening after 20:00 I want the lights to be 40% brightness.

In the evening after 22:00 I want the lights to be 10% brightness.

I setup a schedule so this is so.

Problem is when I turn the lights on at 20:01 the lights are going to their Default State which is 100% brightness.

I have the house setup with light switches on the wall. This is how we turn the lights on and off. It’s more convient than having to take out a phone, open an app, browse to the device and then change the settings.

The issue with using light switches on the wall is the scheduling doesn’t seem to work.

I understand the light bulbs don’t have clocks and memory in them. But certainly they could turn on, be dark or very dim for a second or two, while they check what time it is and what schedule they should be on.

Is there any work around for what I want?

I really though with smart lights I could make it so when you turn the lights on in the late evening they can automatically be darker than early evening. Now I’m disappointed as I can’t find anything which lets me believe there is a solution.

Essentially what I want is different Default States at different times of day.

The light powers on, connects to the WiFi, checks what state it should be in and then turns on in that state.

You’re re inventing the wheel. These are smart wifi bulbs. They shouldnt’ be turned off at all. Just get Aqara wireless switches.

The ceiling lights have these functionality (if you don’t turn them off).
You can program them so they automatically go in moonlight mode between a certain time period. These ceiling lights can also be controlled with a remote control (that makes it easier to turn them on at night).
The normal lamps can’t do the same, these lamps don’t know what time it is when you turn them .

I think that is because of moon mode… normal bulbs don’t have moon mode.


Okay so I see the Yeelight E27 Bulbs are able to be turned on and off with the Aqara Switch (that requires and Aqara hub).

If I set a schedule that says after 8pm make the lights 30% brightness and after 8am make the lights 100% brightness… then I switch the lights on using the Aqara Switch and the time is 8:30 will the lights be 30% brightness?

Second question. I also have the moon ceiling light which I noticed has a different kind of switch. The Yeelight dimmer style switch.

Same question for that one. If I set it so the brightness schedule is to get darker say 30% after 8pm and I turn the yeelight switch on at say 8:30pm will the light be at 30% brightness when I turn it on?

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Well… Yes and no. You can make schedule to turn on the lights at 30% and then turn them off second later. There is no way to set the brightness without turning them on…

Edit:There is option “turn on and set light” so you can turn it on with defined favorite.