1% is far too bright, and it's getting ridiculous.

Hi, I couldn’t have noticed that “1% is still too bright” is one of the hottest topics for months now, and nothing was done with it. I understand that you started looking into the colors problem but how can you not see that no one cares about that? I mean there are two options:

  1. we can’t use the low brightness and the colors are fine (which is what you’re doing)
  2. the light bulb works exactly the same way as it is now, but only for low brightness the colors are not accurate.

if you hadn’t notice (like everyone has been saying), the second option is better here because people that don’t like the low brightness don’t have to use it.

it can even be a feature to enable like the lan control but please just do something about it.
it’s been since the middle of october and nothing was done since (you got a few people whitelisted, but haven’t whitelist the majority of the people asking). I am asking for it to be a switch that you could turn on and I’d want an offical response because this is really getting ridiculous.


Yeelight is wonderful, they just don’t care if their products are full of bugs.

Can we get a response on this?