How to use the Yeelight bulb color without internet?

I’m having problems with internet connection, my WiFi is working correctly but I can’t control the lights if there’s no internet, how can I control them locally? without internet connection?

I have smart plugs (TP-Link HS100) that work with or without Internet, I should be able to control the lights without internet if they are connected to my WiFi Network.

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i think if you enable “LAN control” you can control bulbs without internet.
This option enable also control by third parts app

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LAN Control is activated but I still can’t control the lights when Internet is down, how can I control the lights without internet connection? just local WiFi?

You can Connect ti bulb only with a Wi-Fi connection, lan o wan


What exactly do you want to do? Control the when at home, or when away from home?

If at when AT home - you can use 3rd party software which works great, ie. Home Assistant, OpenHAB, Domoticz…

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