Apple Home application and Lamp 2

Hi all.
I have a Yeelight Mi Lamp 2 but I have a problem.
If I go to the My Home application or the Yeelight application, I can choose a sun mode (white intermediate color) and the lamp shines at maximum, the lamp emits a high amount of light. The configuration is this (in My Home and Yeelight app):

But if I choose a color for the lamp in the Apple Home application, the lamp emits a lower brightness even if it is 100% in the same color:

Why does Apple’s Home application emit a less bright color?
Is this a bug?
Does anyone else happen to him?

Thank you!

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I am going to tell it again but being clearer.
How can I get the white color with maximum brightness like this capture from My Home but in the Apple Home application?

This mode in My home has more brightness and I do not find too bright with this color in the Home application.
If you put in My Home this white color has more brightness and if you look for the maximum brightness in Apple House with the same white color you do not have much brightness :frowning:

Thanks again.

I also have experienced the same problem. The brightness is different between Mi Home app and Apple Home. Appreciate if you could advise on this issue. Is this a bug?

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It’s a bug and yeelight’s team don’t resolve it :frowning:

Same thing still happening on firmware 2.0.6_0051

I’m getting the same thing. It can get a lot brighter (and dimmer) in “white mode” than it can “color mode.” No idea why this would be the case. If they can fix that, this may be the perfect light!

Same problem but none is gone to fix it at the moment?