Yeelight Meteorite only Ambilight via Alexa


is it possible to turn on the ambilight of the Yeelight Meteorite only?
Currently i turn on both light and turn of the Dinner light. It would be very nice to turn on only the ambilight via Alexa or Google.



I looked everywhere. Not finding anything. I have the same request, only with google home.
2 possible solutions and one workaround.

a) It would work with smart home if it would identify as two different lamps via the yeelight service.
So you basically would have “Kitchen Ceiling Light” and “Kitchen Ambilight” as 2 separate Lamps you could put into a group to switch on both light simultaneously. In this case the smart home services (Alexa, G Home etc.) would have no trouble on their side and it would just work. Maybe a new firmware from yeelight could make this possible?

b) I know of no WiFi light device that integrates two lamps in one. So in this case Amazon or google would have to improve or enable their support for these “multiple lights in one device” gadgets.

c) as a workaround you could create scenes in the yeelight app with the setting you would like to be applied. E.g. “nightlight” for moonglow on ambient light and light off on main light. And so on. These scenes should be accessible after one manual sync (on google voice command “sync devices”). Downside is, it is a fixed setting. So you cannot control hue or colour afterwards.

Maybe someone from yeelight staff has an idea.


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This would be the perfect feature to compliment the light!