2.0.4_0022 firmware issues

So I made the mistake of updating my 2 LED white V2. Now they won’t appear in the app or on the LAN. Doing a reset and re adding them to my account brings them back for about 5 minutes before they disappear again. How can I downgrade the firmware?


same problem here, this firmware ruined my lamp, it does the same


I don’t think downgrade is possible.
Thank you for warning me. :open_mouth:


Did anyone at yeelight test this firmware before it was rolled out? Seems like quite a few are having issues with this firmware across quite a few different lights

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I also have the same issue.

All of my new (white tunable) bulbs were working as expected until this most recent firmware update (2.0.4_0022). After successfully resetting and installing a bulb it becomes inaccessible to the Android app after several minutes, despite still being connected to my access point (Unifi nanoHD). From the Unifi Controller I can force them to reconnect to the wifi access point, and will then work properly for a few minutes in both the Yeelight app and Home Assistant (with LAN Control enabled) before control is lost. Eventually, the only way to communicate with the bulbs is to cycle the power, repeating this whole process indefinitely.

My RGB LED Bulb II devices are still working properly on 1.4.2_0035, so I believe I can rule out any issues with my wifi and network configuration.

up! Yeelight Team seriously?

I second all of opts64 said, have the exact same problems, and also have one rgb bulb that is working fine.
Yeelight please fix this, your firmware killed the white bulbs!!!

What the heck they even not answer

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Same here. I thought it was just me! No issues whatsoever until firmware update. Now the bulbs stay connected for a little while then lose connection and have to reset them. Even after reset they sometimes don’t even reconnect.

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Im giving them a few days to solve this, otherwise im moving to philips hue, i need to control the bulbs remotely and its very important that they work properly.

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i am not updating bulbs for a few versions now. Yeelight has become a company of nightmare.
shame of you.

It is getting ridiculous, I think they are failing the company and do not care anymore

Same issue here :rage:



Up! Yeelight you are getting ridicolous!


Not a single response from yeelight, camon yeelight i have 5 bulbs from you, some users with this problem maybe have even more, dont give us such a bad support

I have 13 yeelight through my home. Am regretting it now.