Crazy Yeelight

My YLDP02YL yeelight bulb is defective. It turns on itself for no reason. I tried it several times, dissociating it from my google home or mihome, reinitializing it without success, it turns on randomly. I also tried to lend the bulb to a friend to see if it came from my electrical installation or not and the symptom reappeared at home. So the problem is the bulb. Have you ever had that kind of return? It’s been a month since I bought this product, and at the end of the day, it never worked properly. How can you fix my problem? a firmware downgrade is possible ? my firmware is 1.42.0070…thanks ! (server China)

Is there some power outage from your home? Please have a check how long is the “Uptime” in the page of “Device Info”.

My electrical installation has no problem since I tested at a friend and it has exactly the same symptom … the light turns on alone (always in this sense, it never goes off alone but s light all alone)

in “device info”, I have 1h42, it corresponds to the time when it was lit alone! as if there was a power failure … or there was no, and I wanted to make sure by testing at a friend and it did exactly the same

in fact, I have the impression that it resets itself, which explains why at one moment, I see it on and never it goes out alone

Hi, what’s the voltage and freq of the AC power supply? Do you and your friend happen to both install the bulb behind a dimmer?

I have no way to check the bulb, I just did the test in my living room => symptom appeared, test in my bathroom => symptom appeared, test at a friend => test appeared, I deduce that it’s the light bulb … today it happened apparently at the same time as yesterday, I’ll see tomorrow if it’s done at this time, if it is, it’s every 24h …

oh, it just lighted live with me! so ! the bulb does not reset (no multicolored light), in device info it has returned to 0!