Yeelight light strip v2 has issue working with other yeelight bulbs


My Yeelight light strip v2 has an issue when working together with my 3 x Yeelight Bulbs v2.

Whenever I ask google assistant to change all the lights to any colour, it works fine, but whenever I ask google assistant to change to warm white, the Yeelight Light Strip v2 doesn’t change, while the rest of my bulbs changes. When i instruct google assisnt to change just the Yeelight light strip v2 alone to warm white, it works fine.

I am running on the latest version of firmware, 1.4.2_0049, Singapore.

Please advise.



Wow? Still no response? This is sad.


Could you tell me your Xiaomi ID? I’ll check it.


Got it, thanks for your reply, give me some time, please.


Sorry to keep you waiting, it has been fixed, please have a try.

Scott Yu

Thank you very much, I can confirm the issue has been fixed.

However, i just want to say the warm white colours on the yeelight bulbs vs light strips are different shades.

It would be great if its consistent like Philips hue all around.

I believe you can do it Yeelight! :slight_smile: