Schedules doesnt work well

Hello everybody,

Im trying to use the bulb for a new purpose, my birds… So im trying to simulate the sun color and brightness during the day. (US SERVERS)

Start at 7:25am with a personnalized scene (3000K -1%), and hour per hour, i created new scenes so it’ll look like the sun to my birds.

The problem is that the Bulb doesnt activate the changement that i ask so at 3pm i might have the settings of 11 am… Kinda annoying because my need is really simple …

Even, if i found out that the change havent worked and i tried to force to apply the scenario on the bulb, it doesnt work.

I already tried to schedules without the scenes but using just the “White light” (allows you to change the temperature / brighteness). It didnt work neither…
My Id is 6160075108

Thanks for your help !Screenshot_20190302-105624_Yeelight