Old bulbs still shown in Google home when I link mi home account

I have used yeelight colour bulbs for many years, recently upgraded to the new colour bulbs.

When I link my Mi Home account to my Google home all devices drop through but I have 2 original colour bulbs appear in the Google home app which are not listed on my mi home or yeelight account/app.

It’s like the 2 original bulbs are stuck on my account / server and I cannot disassociate them through the yeelight app or the mi home app ?

I have unlinked my Mi home account and when I relink it to Google home it auto restores these two bulbs which are no longer in use and I don’t have them to connect then and disconnected them, is there a backend deletion from the server someone can carry out?

Any suggestions


it is not a Yeelight issue. It is a problem that Google is working on.

here you can find all the info about it.


You tried the “sync devices” command?