Moonlight mode issues

I’ve recently purchased Yeelight Ceiling Light Pro.

However, I have an issue with “sunrise” or custom scenes.

If I had the light in moonlight mode and turned it off. When I start Sunrise scene it stays off or minimum brightness for a long time and then suddenly goes to full brightness. If I last had the light in “white” mode it works properly.

I have the same issue for user-created sequences. It stays stuck in moonlight mode.

Is there a way to make the light behave as a continuous brightness slider?

In order to smoothly dim it from maximum to minimum, I have to decrease brightness in “white” mode and then switch to moonlight mode and then turn down the brightness to the minimum. Is it possible to adjust brightness in full range and moonlight mode to just switch to very low brightness on that scale?

Im having this issues too, it appears to exist two sunrise scenes. One when the light was on night mode before or another one when the light was on normal mode. The real sunrise mode should be the the first one because it’s very good to wake up.