Mi LED Desk Lamp dead??

Not sure whether someone would be able to help here.

I wanted to connect my Mi LED Desk Lamp to Mi Home app. This action required lamp reset which should have been straightforward. I have pressed Reset button at the lamp base for 5-6s, surely it started to blink and then switched off. When I tried to turn on - nothing, Mi app shows no device, scanning shows nothing.

If I unplug it and plug back lamp gives one short blink and that it.

Can’t find anything online with possible fix. I really hope it s not dead as used it without issues for over a year now.

Any suggestions?

Hi, please try leaving the lamp plugged for a while (10 min or so), see if it can be turned in by button.

I have plugged in lamp and tried to turn on after 15 min - doesn’t work, pressing button does nothing.

Is there a way to obtain replacement PCB as it seems the board is gone after resetting?

And to add to my woes my second mijia desk lamp did the same thing after resetting so I now have two useless decorations…

Any suggestions how to get lamps working again?