Time change to daylight saving time bug

Here in Germany, the time got changed to daylight saving time on Saturday night. The clock was set forward one hour. It looks like the bulb adapted the time correctly but also set all timers one hour forward! I have a timer set up that turns on the light on weekdays at 5:15 and turns it off at 6:00. Today the light didn’t turn on. When I checked the app, the timer was set at 6:15 to 7:00.
So it looks like there is a bug where not only the time is set forward but also the set up timers. Maybe you can have a look at it.
(I had firmware 1.4.1_45 installed, don’t know if it has been already fixed with 1.4.1_48. Would be nice to have a changelog somewhere online, for example in this forum)

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback.

The delta between daylight saving time and the actual time is calculated when the timer was added. Once the DST changed, you need to edit the timer to make it adapt to your local DST.

We are thinking about some optimization to make the timer fully DST self-adapting, but that need some support from xiaomi cloud, hence I can’t make any commitment so far.

Thanks for your statement! I am looking forward to a fix until the next time change :wink: :smile:

I suppose there’s no news/changes about this. This morning my bulb turned on at 6.15 and almost fooled me that was time to wake up!

I set all my rules in MiHome when it was summer time. So everything was off by 1 hour… now that the time is switched back to normal winter time, everything works… :slight_smile: It would be nice if it could do this automatically… even though it seems the EU will be cancelling summer time switch in 2019… :slight_smile: