There is a way to work with Ha Bridge?


I have a amazon echo with a raspberry pi with Ha Bridge.

i use with for all my home IR device with Brodlink.

I want to add my Yeelight to the device to off on it with alexa.

Any onw know any way to do it?
or just to Yeelight have any string that i can off on via IP of the Yeelight ?

Big Thanks!


Please refer to our open API:

This is the spec:

Unfortunately I do not know programming, any one here know hot to get HTTPS command off / on for Yeelight?

You can’t use HTTP/HTTPS command to control the light directly, but you can use TCP to control it.

Thnx! Do you have any info show? so i can read?

If you are on Linux or Mac, you can use “telnet” or “nc” to connect to your bulb. If you are a windows user, you may download Putty and use “telnet” to connect to your bulb. From then on, follow the spec and send corresponding to the bulb and you will see the effect.

Good! and what i need to make in order to do the command?

Find your bulb’s IP and “telnet 55443”, then follow the spec and type this command, for example
{“id”: 1, “method”:“set_power”, “params”:[“on”]}
then hit enter to send to bulb.