Tasker plugin - Req for additional feature: "get status"


I have an android phone and I use your official Yeelight/yeelink app in “Tasker”.

Using the plugin - there is NO WAY to get the current status of the bulb from either tasker or your plugin to it.

please add such feature to the Yeelight tasker plugin.

P.S - I know that there’s a TCP command named “get_prop” (" retrieve current property of smart LED") which should return data in format like: {“id”:1, “result”:[“on”, “”, “100”]}

I hope that when you’ll add such “get prop” feature to the plugin - you’ll be able to insert the data into a VARIABLE ARRAY OR to multple variables - as much as needed to get all the info possible.

I hope you’ll add such feature to the Tasker plugin of Yeelight.


You can get the status of the bulbs by using the Send/Expect plugin for Tasker.


i’m sure there’s even other options like adb command so there’s no need of any plugin - BUT, Yeelight have already embed a tasker plugin in their app, they’ve already embed the feature to toggle/turn on or off, set scenes etc in their yeelight app’s tasker plugin - SO WHY NOT INCLUDING “GET PROP” OPTION AS WELL ??

thus my request for additional feature for the next app version - so me and other ppl around the world won’t be needing to break the head when we want to make a short & small tasker script…
it’s not that it isn’t possible… its just little bit more coding from Yeelink team ( Yeelight app dev ).


@coasterli @dingyichen other Yeelight stuff…
Can you please add such feature in the next Yelight android app update ?


There’re lots of properties we defined in the lamp, so which property do you want to get?

Tasker integration new feature - events (to do something when light switch is flipped)

There’re lots of properties we defined in the lamp, so which property do you want to get?

Thanks for the reply.
it would be best if we could get them all - but if you must limit then:

  • power
  • bright
  • ct
  • rgb
  • sat
  • color_mode
  • name
  • flowing

( i.e personally I don’t need all the “background” BG_* properties, since I only got 1 bulb )

if you could add in the plugin another sub-category “get_property” that when I press it I can choose which property to retrieve ( one / many from a list ) it would be great.
The idea is similar to the “scene” sub-category currently exist in the plugin, i.e the user add in tasker the plugin task-> choose the bulb -> choose “scene”-> then a whole new screen opens up with all the scenes… so similar to this, if you can please add a “get properties” button that will open up a new screen with list of possible properties that the user can choose from ( one or many ) it would be great.